Grant gains through PTEF


Riley Hyatt

Librarian Tara Foor works on her computer in the library on Jan. 19. Foor has recieved grants in the past for books and the knitting club she runs.

Ximena Sarinana, Reporter

She has gotten grants from Perry Township Education Foundation (PTEF) for $10,000 and higher, and she has also been denied grants that were only 500 dollars. SHS librarian Tara Foor says the grants she receives depend all on the organization giving the grants and the grant that is being presented.

Grants are money donations that are given to fulfill a specific purpose, this may include clubs or to getting more books into the library and, currently, there are multiple grants being offered for school activities or specific clubs. Foor is familiar with grants since she has to apply for grants for books regularly and for the knitting club she leads.  

When applying for a grant there are specific guidelines that Perry Township Education Foundation  requires the applicant to follow. If the instructions PTEF want the applicant to follow are not mimicked specifically, the applicant will not receive the grant they are applying for.

“You have to follow those (instructions)… because if you don’t follow one of the requirement you’re done,” Foor said.

When Foor has the privilege of receiving a grant, the money is given to her in a lump sum, which means there is a single payment that will be given to the Foor in a specific amount  time.  The organization giving the grant will ,weeks before, contact the treasurer and accounting of SHS to let them know that the library got a grant.

SHS goes through this process for tax purposes. Since the grants are just donations that the organizations are giving out for free and SHS just wants it to be accounted for.

After notifying the accounting and treasury, PTEF will then give notice to Foor that she has money to spend on the specific educational purpose she got it for, like getting fiction books for the library. She must keep all the receipts and take care of her budget and all the money she doesn’t use she has to give it back to PTEF giving the grant.

“Yeah, so you try to spend all the money they give you,” Foor said