It is time for catcalling to end


Destiny Bryant, Reporter

You walk down the street on your way to pick up some candy from the nearby gas station with your headphones in, but the music plays vaguely. Watching the sidewalk ascend in front of you, you hear a whistle.

After realizing that there is a man walking behind you return focus to the mission at hand, then you hear a distant hollar. Deciding whether or not to turn around you keep walking and focus on the ground, estimating the steps until you should reach the destination.

¨Hey shawty, you’re looking fine,¨ comes from behind you.

How is one even supposed to feel in this situation? Do you fear what could come next? Should this be taken as a compliment? Are you supposed to feel uncomfortable or relaxed that you have been noticed?

Today’s society is not as it was years ago. Compliments nowadays range from a subtle text calling one beautiful to being whistled at like a dog and hollered at from a  distance being told we are ¨fine.¨

What does it truly mean to be ¨fine¨? Is this meant to make women feel beautiful or comfortable in their skin?

Should women feel privileged to be complimented so abruptly? According to women should take catcalling as a compliment.

As said in the previously mentioned article, there are different extremes of catcalling. You could simply be called beautiful or a crude comment could be aimed at you pointing out things that could be left unsaid.

What do women consider the boundary between complementing and catcalling? There is no real boundary. Women interpret catcalling differently from one another, according to

Therefore it would be a lot more formal to walk up to a woman and simply tell her that she looks nice, rather than yelling at her from across the street telling her how her pants compliment her.

For some women, being catcalled can be taken as a complement, but for others, such as myself, it can make them feel uncomfortable. It can sometimes make one feel as though they are being put on the spot, which they are not okay with because it knocks them out of their comfort zone.