The game that makes people feel like they are in a galaxy far far away


Luke Manning, Reporter

“Star Wars Battlefront”, developed by EA and DICE Stockholm, was one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Even though it was highly anticipated, most people who have played the game have been let down. However, I really enjoy the game.The game was a rebranding of the previous two games Battlefront and Battlefront 2 developed by Pandemic Studios. I was one of the many people who preordered the deluxe version of the game. I had played the previous two games growing up and loved them so much. So I was very excited to get my hands on this game.

On November 17, when I played my first match of multiplayer, I was hooked. While I still love the original games, I enjoy this game a little more for many reasons.

While graphics do not determine a game, it is hard to not appreciate the graphics of this remake. The game by far has the best graphics on a multiplayer game that I have seen.The details that were put into this game go unappreciated. Battlefront used the Frostbite engine which makes some of the best graphics in multiplayer games. Other popular games that used the Frostbite engine were Battlefield 4, Need for Speed and Battlefield Hardline.

Another great thing about this game is the Star Card system that it uses. Each player gets three cards that can be changed according to the players needs. So on a small map, where close combat is guaranteed, the player could change to a impact grenade instead of their sniper they used on the big map. It makes customising loadouts simple and fun.

A great aspect that adds to this game for me is the gameplay. The game may be a first person and third person shooter, but it just does not feel as stressful as a game like Call of Duty. The game is easy to pick up on, and great for a wide variety of ages.

One thing that all people including myself are complaining about, is the lack of content that the game has at the moment. When the game came out, it had 10 maps. This number is very low compared to the 15 maps of Battlefront 2. What people are forgetting is that EA has said that they will add 16 more maps over four expansions that will be added to the game. While paying fifteen dollars for more maps is annoying, it is something that we have to do if we want to play more.

Overall Battlefront is a great game that offers great gameplay and great graphics. The game truly captures “Star Wars” moments like no other. Every time I spawn in on the Battlefront, I feel like I am really there fighting against the Empire or trying to destroy the Rebel scum. This game really captures the authentic feel of the battles that took place in the movies.