Students give love to those in need

Students give love to those in need

Jazlynn Stone

Not everyone goes out on dates or out to the movies with friends on Valentine’s Day. There are those who help others just for the joy of it. It could be simply going to a nursing home and showing love to the wise or even take care of the animals at that shelter that can bring joy to a person, to put a smile on their face.  

National Honors Society is a program at SHS that gives students a chance to show their true characteristics and be true leaders to both their peers and the south side community. Volunteering for local churches and facilities that help those in need, National Honors Society prepares students to become successful leaders for the future.

About sixty students are involved in NHS this year, which has been the largest count involving current juniors and seniors.  NHS co-sponsor and SHS math teacher Christina Ferguson says there are several factors that go into recruiting students for this program.

“Students have to at least have a grade point average of 3.5, demonstrate leadership qualities, having to be involved in sports or outside school activities, service towards their community, and character,” Ferguson said.

Then there are the officers of NHS, seniors Ola Awosanya, Morgan Gadient, Delaney Bucker and Geneve Cung. Officers also contribute towards volunteering and giving back to those who need it most.

“We do a whole bunch of service projects…we ask around and try to set dates,” Awosanya said.

During  the beginning of her senior year she didn’t volunteer as much as she does now, but being a part of NHS she gets the opportunity to give back towards the community, and according to Awosanya, it feels good to give back to others. She may even consider continuing to volunteer and help others after she graduates from high school.

“After joining NHS I really love volunteering, and I want to really get into that after high school,” Awosanya said.

In one of the volunteering events during November, Awosanya got to watch and help autistic kids in harness for the rock climbing wall. Giving these kids a chance to do things they thought they couldn’t do, with the help of NHS, made these wishes come true.

“It was great to see them achieve this,” Awosanya said.

Some of the kids even reached the top of the rock while others still tried their best. Even the kids with certain disabilities can accomplish things that an individual without physical obstacles can.
All in all, giving back to the community can bring happiness to those who are doing and receiving the volunteering. In this way, love can be spread to everyone, even those without.