Poetry is a form of art and expression


Jazlynn Stone, Reporter

Most would say that poetry is boring or that it doesn’t make sense, but have you ever heard the phrase, “read between the lines”? It’s the feelings and emotions that you experience when you’re writing. It’s like a raging storm that you can control with quick motions of the hand and the thoughts that you interpret on that one piece of paper. That one piece of paper that holds the ink of anger, frustration, depression, love and neglect between the fine lines of blue and red. Yet the question still lies. Is poetry art?

I would like to say yes, poetry is a form of art. It is complex to the mind yet simple to the eye. If you look up the word “art” in the dictionary, poetry fits into that category of vase expression: the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance.

There is also the question, what makes poetry, poetry? Is it the rhythm? The way the words flow? Is it how it’s written and what is being expressed?

Everything that makes a poem symbolizes it, whether that be the rhythm, the countless number of words, how it’s written or the way it is being represented. These are all aspects of what makes up a poem. It doesn’t have to be long like a novel, it can be short and sweet. It can be what you see, hear, smell, taste or feel. Poetry is the five senses that make us feel what we thought we couldn’t and end up wanting more of that deep, internal thought that keeps us sane.

“Poetry is cool. It’s a way for people to let out their emotions and feelings,” English teacher Timothy Jamriska said. According to Jamriska, poetry can help people explore the limitless possibilities of the imagination.

One of my poems reads, “My poems are my prayers and, my prayers are my poems.” Poetry is of more than ordinary significance to me. It has been a passion of mine since the seventh grade. It is more than the words that are written, it is how you portray your thoughts and how both you and your reader comprehend what you have written. Poetry gives the incoherent or the silent children a voice of their own.

Poetry gives the blind, sight and the deaf the ability to hear. It is the common language that brings America and the countries overseas together, all in one moment, one heart, one voice. So yes, poetry is art, and it should be expressed! Let our words be heard and thoughts be felt because words are really the only thing that can either bring us together or tear us apart.