Behind the scenes of SHS: Peg Warner

Feature writers share a day in the life of support staff


Photo by Leah Newhouse

On Feb. 4, athletic secretary Peg Warner looks at paper work. One of Warner’s jobs is to schedule games for sports.

Sung Zathang, Reporter

All those sports events and all those games don’t just happen at the snap of a finger. There are many things that have to be done in order for there to be an event or even a game. Most of those things are done by Peg Warner.

Warner is the athletic secretary at SHS, and there are many things that she does from the biggest events, like sport games, to the smallest things, like answering phone calls and picking up deliveries for the concession stands during game time.

I went to pick up the deliveries with her, and there were tons of Pepsis. It’s a good thing the gym kids were there because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to get all of the soda upstairs.

“I sometimes have to get the deliveries for the games when there are not other people to do it and do many things to prepare for the games…Mrs. Pernell, Mr. Hubert and I, we always help each other,” Warner said.

Warner says that her job requires being organized and remembering things. She has to set up game schedules with other school so that there can be games and make  rosters of the sport players. She has many documents to keep track of, so she sometimes forgets things.

Being in there and seeing what she does, I know how difficult it must be for her to be doing everything she does. Helping out with the deliveries and seeing all the papers and schedules that she makes, helps me realize how hard her job must be, and I believe it takes a really strong person to be able to do all that. She wasn’t even able to tell me all of her tasks because of how many there are.

“There’s so many things that I have to do that it will take a year to talk about it,” Warner said. “Although it’s a really difficult job, I enjoy doing it.”