Girls swim medley sets new record


photo contributed

The 200 meter medley relay team poses for a photo after setting a new record of 1:59:02.

Monica Dile, Reporter

Sports like basketball and football are exceedingly recognized here at SHS. But, recently the girl’s swim team has been getting recognition  for their impeccable strokes in the pool.   

Seniors Jaclyn Boyer, Caroline Chappell and Wright set a new school record in the 200 Medley Relay. The new record time is 1:59:02 and this breaks their own record from previous years. Chapel says they were surprised that they broke the record.

“We looked up at the clock and saw they broke the record for the third time,” Chappell.

Boyer says that the previous years she  swam the 200 medley relay, there were different people on the team. Chappell and Wright were the additions to this year’s record breaking team

“Since we have different members on the team, it was exciting to share that moment with them,” Boyer says.

These girls have worked so hard to break these goals. The past year Boyer knew they would break the record again because they had the same people on the team. This year the girls really didn’t know whether they would break the record with two new people.

“It was really exciting breaking the record again,” Boyer says. “It was nice knowing that all that hard work paid off.”