From life, to a book, then the spotlight


Jazlynn Stone

When the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” is mentioned, SHS students might think about the movie starring Steve Martin with comical phrases and unforgettable laughs, but what SHS students are about to see produced in front of them in the upcoming month is not what they are going to expect.
“Cheaper by the Dozen” was originated in 1940s based on a true story about the Gilbreth family, which actually consisted of 12 children. The novel “Cheaper by the Dozen” was published in 1948 and wasn’t made into a film until April 17, 1950. A mother who is a psychiatrist, a father who deals with time managment and a home filled with 12 children make up the story, which was originally written by two of the eldest children.
Ernestine Gilbreth Casey and Frank Gilbreth Jr. had written the book that became the movie in 1950. The movie was directed by Walter Lang and produced by Lamar Trotti. Then the movie became the play in 1958, according to Barbara Whitlock.
Besides being a mother, Lillian Gilbreth was one of the top psychologists in the 1920s and a very educated woman in her time period. Though they had many successes and also took care of 12 children, things could get complex for the Gilbreths. With many emotions and need for knowledge of motherly love, junior Taylor Kincaid plays of the role of Lillian Gilbreth.
“It’s going to be hard to get into the emotions of being super upset and try to convince people that I am upset… (you) have to know what’s going on and have that intellect,” Kincaid said.
With twelve children and twelve different age gaps, maturity levels differ as well. The youngest of the bunch, Jane Gilbreth, is being played by freshman Pricilla Garcia. With Garcia being the youngest in her family, she shares this connection with her character.
“I have always been the youngest in my family…It’s easier to relate,” Garcia said.
Though the production of the play involves more than just the comical comments hinted in the script or even the small scuffles of the children around the house set, it’s the family and how they stayed together when things were starting to get complicated.
Frank Senior, the father, started to have heart problems later in life. At the time, Frank Senior was 55 years old. The Gilbreths stayed close together and kept their lives organized and stayed as a family, even through these tough times.
As Mr. Dan Gilbreth always said, “They come cheaper by the dozen.”