Junior eats fresh fruits and vegetables picked from garden

Destiny Bryant, Reporter

During the spring and summer months, gardens produce ripened red tomatoes, fresh greens and peppers of all colors.  

Junior Rachel Stucky and her family join forces and pick vegetables from the large garden that is nurtured in their backyard, a trend for their family that has been taking place since Stucky was young.

“In my house we have always eaten fresh (fruits and vegetables),” Stucky said

The veggies plucked after their reign in the garden are often used in meals made in the home of Stucky. She says that her family usually is consistent in eating fresh foods and vegetables.

She says that her parents have always eaten healthy, limiting the amount of fast food and processed food that they consume. Having a household that eats so healthily has influenced her to keep the consistency when eating at school as well.

She brings her lunch everyday, and she makes it with the vegetables grown in their garden when there are some available. When it comes down to it, eating healthy is something that has become a family tradition.

“It’s really just become a habit,” Stucky said.

Stucky says that she wouldn’t call herself a vegan nor a vegetarian, but she says that she does veer away from eating red meat frequently.

Not only is eating the fresh vegetables beneficial for the well being of the body, but for her all around. She says eating healthily makes her feel better overall.

“I feel healthier, and I am more energized,” Stucky said.