Construction progresses on schedule

Construction progresses on schedule

Rachel Gray, News Writer

Over the summer, Southport went through several cosmetic changes such as adding sidelights and lockers to the business and upstairs English hallways, and the continuation of construction throughout the new IMC as well as the former Math and Social Studies hallways is underway. All projects are on schedule except for a new doorway installment between the auditorium and room 400.

The project was expected to be finished before the current school year, but a problem arose when the construction workers discovered a concrete beam between the two areas meant for foundational support that blocked progression, but the discovery had very little effect on the deadline. The construction process as a whole is currently considered to be on schedule, though it was originally planned to be finished by November of this year, adjustments were made in order to avoid inconveniencing students.

“The timeline that we originally looked at two years ago, at the start of the project, we’re a little bit off of that, but I wouldn’t say we’re behind, we’ve just bounced around a little bit,” assistant principal Kirby Schott said. “You get a plan and when you get into it sometimes you got to change the plan.”

The annexing of the new IMC and the former Math and Social Studies hallways is scheduled to be complete by the mid October. The original Math hallway will be converted into the Science hallway, then the Math hallway will move downstairs to the former Social Studies hallway. The Science and Math teachers are scheduled to move into their new classrooms directly after the completion of the new hallways. There are also plans to move the Main Office into what was previously the Guidance Office within the next 2 weeks.

“The Main Office is going to move, then construction is going to take over the Main Office, but that won’t really impact kids,” Schott said.

Aside from the most recent developments, there are plans to implement additions including an updated back parking lot during fall break. There are also plans to insert new lockers in both of the incoming hallways. Those will be assigned to students who currently do not have the updated lockers. The new lockers are scheduled to be distributed by 2nd semester of the 2014-2015 school year. Overall the current goal for the completion of all construction is estimated to be by Dec. 25.