Paul George injury not the end for the Pacers


Emma Dehart, Sports Writer

On Aug. 1, Paul George suffered a broken leg in the USA Basketball scrimmage in Las Vegas. Many people are saying that the Indiana Pacers’ season and road to the NBA Finals is going down with George. After Lance Stephenson was lost in free agency to the Charlotte Hornets, the Pacers’ were doubted, but after the injury there was no hope.

It has also been said by reporters that there will not be a major comeback from George. George is likely to be out for the entire 2014-2015 season. The Pacers are losing a big factor to their own success. George averaged 21.7 PPG in the regular season last season.

However, George’s injury will not have all negative impacts on the Pacers’ upcoming season. In fact, this could help the Pacers in the long run. This is not the end of the road.

The Pacers’ season will probably be a little rocky because they have to adjust to losing a major contributor to the team.

If the Pacers’ do struggle, they could end up with one of the first picks in the draft rather than getting one of the second-round picks as they did the last few years. The team would have to draft a wise pick, unlike they did with Miles Plumlee back in 2012. With that, the Pacers could get player that can develop when George is making his comeback.

Using the draft can help the team start rebuilding again, and they can use it to be very successful in the following years.

With George most likely being out this upcoming season, it will give players like Solomon Hill and Chris Copeland a chance to improve. Hill and Copeland will both be able to help fill the George’s role and contribute even more as bench players when George is back and healthy.

Roy Hibbert is a player that has been part of the Pacers’ core group. Hibbert did not stand out at all last season averaging only 10.8 PPG. With George being out, Hibbert will have a chance to improve on his scoring by not having an all star to do it for him. George and Hibbert will then both be major scorers when George returns.

George does have his doubters, but they will be proven wrong. This injury does not put an end to George or the road to the Finals’. The Pacers will be back on track after George’s return.