Senior week to bring multiple important events


Caitlyn Kriner

Senior Emily Kendrick is putting papers away during Ipass on April 12, 2016.

Kali Ingels, Editor

There are about six weeks left of the 2015-2016  year, but there are only five weeks left for seniors. As a senior, students get an end of the year incentive that Assistant Principal Amy Boone says has accumulated over the 12 years each student has been in school.

The process of putting everything together for the “last” week for seniors is more complicated than people think Boone says. Senior week involves multiple activities which accounts for why so many people are involved.

“It gives them something to look forward too,” Boone says. “It helps them stay motivated and not procrastinate on everything they need to do.”

For the last week, seniors take their finals, have a senior picnic, rehearse for graduation and finally, graduate Technically the finals that seniors have to take are May 24 and 25 but seniors, if they meet the requirements, can skip all their finals last semester. Administration advises that seniors still come to class May 23 to the 27 though.

Senior Emily Kendrick sees that senior week is a week she has to take off a lot of work. She says she has always heard about senior week and can’t believe it is finally coming up. With finals coming sooner, and everything happening so fast, Kendrick says that the whole process is stressful but exciting.

Boone says that seniors should stay on top of their work until they graduate. The final weeks are coming and that’s when most of the procrastination sets in. Students are about to go off on their own and finally end their SHS career she says.

“I always hear from seniors, right after graduation day, ‘I can’t believe I just graduated,” Boone said.