Triathlon talents take to Arizona State


Caleb Carrasquillo

Senior Delany Bucker sits with her close friends and family as she signs to Arizona State University on April 13. Bucker will be attending Arizona State to participate in the triathlon.

Nick Meacham, Photos Editor

Senior Delany Bucker took a big step in her life to sign to Arizona State University to help the Sun Devils in their triathlon races, on April 13. As Bucker signed, her family and friends cheered her on, and wished her luck in the next phase of her young life.

“Nerves can go good or bad, but it wasn’t bad,” Bucker said. “I’m used to competing for the crowds, but everyone there was specifically there for me, it was really cool to see a big group having so much support.”

Bucker has participated in cross country and swimming here at SHS. She and her team advanced to semi state this year in cross country, and last July she competed in the USA Triathlon Championships, where she finished 35th out of 75.