Girls’ tennis obtains new leadership


First-year tennis coach Jordan Cross talks to senior Kaileigh Thomas, who has been on the team for four years. Thomas says she wishes she had Cross as a coach the last three seasons.

Monica Dile, Reporter

The SHS tennis program has been served a new coach this year. Health teacher, Jordan Cross, has filled the girl’s head varsity coaching position.
Cross played a year of tennis in high school and went on to play tennis at Milligan College in Tennessee. Cross says that playing tennis in college was fun and he learned new things. Cross also says it was very different from the way he played tennis growing up. He says it was very competitive. Playing tennis in college has helped Cross with his new coaching position.
“I can use more drills and more of the psychology of tennis,” Cross says.
Senior Kaileigh Thomas, who has played tennis all through high school, says that Cross is different from their previous varsity coach. The previous varsity coach was older so he couldn’t move around a lot and be active with players. Cross is teaching them how to hold their rackets properly, how to stand, new signals and plays with players.
“He is a lot more fun, active, he gets out there and hits with us,” Thomas said. “I wish I had him my last three years of tennis.”
Cross says that he is loving coaching so far and that he has inherited a great group of competitive girls.
Cross also was a linebacker coach for the 2015-2016 football season. Having a philosophy this season for tennis will be different than his football philosophy he says. With football he’s more tough on the players. But with tennis, he wants to focus on everybody getting better and that’s why nobody was cut from the team.
“We are trying to focus on being a team even though it’s an individual sport,” Cross said. “With tennis, I want it to be fun first, but I also want to be competitive.”
Varsity tennis player freshman Rachel Dean appreciates Cross as a coach. She says that he is very helpful and always tries to encourage her to have a smile on her face if she is feeling down on herself. Dean also looks forward to having him coach the next three years of her playing tennis.
“I really look forward to it, it is really fun, and he makes practices fun,” Dean said. “He makes me a better player.”
Even though they have a losing record and have had two cancelled meets, the girls tennis team is still working hard under Cross in hopes of winning their fifth sectional in a row.