Singing in public brings confidence to SHS junior


Caleb Carrasquillo

Junior Megan Ferris performs a song live at Coffee House with her friend and supporter, junior Katie Johnson. Singing is a way for Ferris to be outgoing, contrary to her introverted nature.

Madeline Hittel , Reporter

Singing or performing in front of an audience can be nerve wracking for a lot of people, but for junior Megan Ferris, it’s easy to perform a song on stage contrary to her severe shyness. Ferris has been introverted for her whole life, but loves singing. She’s also involved in speech and debate team, which requires a small audience to perform in front of.
Ferris began singing in her bedroom, but didn’t sing in front of anyone until she was in middle school.
“(I’ve been shy) probably my whole life,” Ferris said. “I have been singing since I was a toddler, but I realized in middle school that it was something I was good at and passionate about.”
Although she is bashful, her friends and family encouraged her to audition for Coffee House to showcase her talent. Along with her dad, and junior Katie Johnson, one of her close friends, encouraged her to begin performing.
“My dad is probably the biggest reason for the music I listen to today,” Ferris said. “…My dad and I go to concerts together, sing together and listen to the same music.”
Johnson thinks that performing has really helped her break out of her shell.
“I feel like it gave her the confidence she needed to go out there and do what she loves,” Johnson said. “…I want her to perform whenever she can because I know how happy it makes her and how much she enjoys it.”
Ferris’ first performance in front of a live audience was at the spring Coffee House last year, which was her freshman year. She performed and enjoyed it, despite her shy nature. She plans to perform in this month’s spring Coffee House as well.
“The first time (I sang for an audience) was actually at Coffee House. I had only sung in front of my close friends and parents before that. And that was my first experience, and I actually really liked it,” Ferris said.
Because Ferris enjoys singing so much, she wants to involve it into her career after high school.
“I want to do more (with music). I want to try and maybe do music therapy or something like that when I get older,” Ferris said.