Prom through the generations

Prom through the generations

Destiny Bryant, Reporter

A black top that has a heart-shaped neckline held up by thin black straps flows into the white natural bottom of the dress. The gown sports laced sides, topped with gems.

Planning to arrive to prom on May 14, 2016, this is what senior Katie Hart will be wearing.  

A black flower lace, covering a maroon strapless gown with thin homemade straps, accompanied by several quarter braids that formed a headband that flowed into curls that sat on her shoulders.

This is what English teacher Heather Todero wore when she arrived at prom in May of 2002.

Throughout the generations there has been a noticeable difference in dresses, but there are differences that the eye doesn’t catch. Sources say that although there are similarities and differences in prom dress attire, the real differences between proms now and in the past are less physical matters and more in attitudes and feelings.

According to Todero high school girls aren’t as excited as they have been in previous years. She says that she hasn’t heard anyone talk about prom dresses, whether to take a limo or where to go to eat, which is different from when she attended prom.

“I haven’t even seen any pictures of prom dresses yet,” Todero said.

Although there was a difference in the attitude towards prom, there are similarities between prom attire.

Math teacher Patricia Blake wore a yellow dress to her prom that dates back close to 50 years ago, while senior Courtney Caldwell is wearing a long, wavy orange dress with jewels and beads across the chest. They both coincidentally chose to wear vivid colors, but that’s where the similarities end.

Blake says, “the flowing of the chiffon”  was her favorite piece to her dress. Caldwell’s favorite aspect of her dress is the fact that it is orange, her favorite color. Both teacher and student decided to sport bright colors that stand out.

Those are not the only similarities though, Todera flaunted a darker color, maroon, as will senior Sierra Nolan who will be wearing royal blue. Nolan describes her dress with elegancy.

Nolan says her dress is “A floor length, royal blue A-line with a sweetheart neckline that has gems on the bust.”

According to Todero, the main difference, though, is in recent years there is a lot more skin exposed.

“When I went to prom in 2002, I would have been shocked if anyone were to wear the things that I see now,” Todero said.

Dresses are not the only variable that may have been different throughout the years. Hairstyles are seemingly similar as well.
Hart will be sporting a half up half down hairstyle, the bottom being curled. Todero did nearly the same thing with her hair back in 2002. She wore braids in the front that formed a headband and then curled her bottom half.