Paul George is carrying Pacers in playoffs

Mark Carlson, Reporter

Paul George, how does your back feel? Is it hurting a bit or is it going to be okay for the next game? For the sake of the team I hope you are okay because you need to carry the under-performing Pacers to another victory if you hope to advance in the playoffs.

Through two playoff games PG-13 has averaged 30.5 points per game which ranks third in the NBA. The next highest average on the Pacers is Monta Ellis with a modest 15 points per game.

The rest of the team is is playing like the ‘76ers which is to say terrible. Nobody on the team averages double digit points. Myles Turner is playing well defensively but is not able to offensively compensate for Rodney Stuckey and George Hill putting up my YMCA numbers in NBA games.

In addition to poor scoring, the Pacers starting point guard G. Hill is averaging .5 assists per game. That’s the captain of the floor, the player meant to start the offense averaging half of an assist per game. Ellis is averaging the most assists on the team with four per game. Ellis who was rated a top 10 ball hog last year by Close behind Ellis in the assist category is PG-13 with 3.5 per game in the postseason.

The story with rebounds is similar this postseason. Among a swath of “trees” the 6-9 Lavoy Allen is averaging the most rebounds. Second on the list is the 6-6 CJ Miles. Next on the list isn’t a center or a power forward, but PG-13 at small forward. The centers or the “trees” have been absent in the last couple of games as far as rebounds are concerned.
Throughout the first two games of the playoffs PG-13 has carried the Pacers in the statistical categories. But he isn’t playing like Kobe in his final game. He is passing and shooting good shots which shows in his 44 percent field goal percentage and in his 40 percent three-point percentage in the playoffs. If he puts up those percentages and keeps up his numbers he can put the team on his back to make it through the first round of the playoffs.