Retiring teacher plans to hit the spotlight once again


Caleb Carrasquillo

Science teacher Mark Eccles (left) performs at Coffee House on Fri., April 22 with theater teacher Barb Whitlock. Eccles hopes to have a chance to start performing regularly again after his retirement this year.

Madeline Hittel, Reporter

Science teacher Mark Eccles performed regularly with his band since the beginning of his teaching career, but chose to put his rock ‘n roll lifestyle on hold due to financial issues. As his retirement draws near, he plans to do a “one man show.” This one man show includes himself playing and singing songs that he enjoys performing.

“It’s just me with my electric guitar, my acoustic guitar, playing and  singing songs that I enjoy and I think other people will enjoy, too. There are a lot of sing-along opportunities,” Eccles said.

Since his performing days were put on hold, he isn’t sure if he has what it takes to perform regularly in public.

“I performed regularly back in my teens, twenties, and thirties, but after years and years of teaching, I’m not sure if physically what I have left is still pleasing to the eye and to the ear,” Eccles said.  “So, what my plan is to maybe do one or two songs at an “open mic night” and see how it’s received and that would either encourage me or discourage me to continue.”

Though he isn’t sure whether he will be performing this one man show regularly in public, he does plan to perform at this spring’s coffeehouse.

Eccles’ wife, Cynthia Eccles, loves watching Eccles on stage.
“When he plays for a crowd, I feel proud. It brings back lots of memories because that is how I met Mark,” Cynthia says. “I know he enjoys playing a lot. I always want him to play the songs that he was playing when we met.”