SHS says goodbye to coaches


Tennis coach Jordan Cross high fives senior Kaileigh Thomas. Cross will be leaving SHS after his first year as tennis coach to help with his family’s business.

Monica Dile, Reporter

As the school year is coming to an end, things are starting to change. The 2016-2017 school year will be different. SHS will be needing to find a replacements for some teachers leaving next year.

SHS previous head football coach, William Peebles, left to go coach at Lawrence Central High School. Health teacher Justin Sharp will also be leaving SHS to be with Pebbles at Lawrence Central. Some kids have been saying our weight and conditioning coach, Clint Frank, will be leaving us. Kids saying that Frank is leaving is false. Frank will not be leaving SHS, so students will be seeing him if they take his class.

Now, to the real truth. Cross will be leaving SHS this school year. Cross says that his brother came to him and asked him to join his family’s business. Cross says this will help him learn the business and help his parents go into early retirement. After meeting with multiple people, Cross thought that this was the best decision. Cross says that he will definitely miss SHS.

“I’ll definitely mostly miss the interaction with students and the faculty,” Cross said. “The students and faculty are awesome people.”

Cross says that it is possible for him to keep coaching tennis but he says that he will not be able to coach football anymore because it’s too much of a commitment. Cross says he will definitely miss coaching football. Sophomore Matthew Johnston says that it’s kind of devastating that Cross is leaving because he was one of the first teachers that welcomed him here at SHS.

“He’s a good football coach, he’s there when you need them, you can goof around with and he can be serious too,” Johnston said. “Him leaving is going to be pretty sad.”