Sui Par

Sui Par, Reporter


Hi, my name is Sui Par. I am a Junior this school year and I’m new to the list of staff members. I’ll be writing for the foreign language section of our school newspaper. I might seem quiet at first, but once I get familiar with the people around me, I tend to get outside of my bubble and totally change a person’s outlook of me. My friends would describe me as talkative, weird, funny,  etc. My favorite hobbies are playing volleyball and standing in the crowd of a soccer game and cheering for our team. Joining the newspaper wasn’t part of my plan, but I somehow joined thanks to my two persuasive friends. I hope in the next few months I’ll learn and understand more about the news going on around our school and just grow as an individual and even improve on my native language, Chin. A quote that I want to share with the readers is, “suffer now, and enjoy later.” I believe this year will be unforgettable because of the environment that is created by talented and wonderful people in the class of room 400.