Got Questions? We’ve got answers. (Advice for freshmen)

Madeline Hittel, Social Media Manager

Senior Mikayla Whittemore

  1. What clubs would you suggest students to join?

“I would suggest (students) to join RDM (Riley Dance Marathon) as a broad group. Then (I suggest) for them to just choose what interests them and ask around to see what Southport has to offer.”

  1. What’s your biggest piece of advice for freshman?

“My biggest advice is to just be as involved as possible and try not to stir up too much drama your very first year among friends.”

  1. What are your study habits?

“I make sure to get as much homework done as possible and leave myself room time-wise to study before tests.”

Senior Ethan Knox

  1. What do you do in order to stay organized?

“Google Drive, to keep schoolwork all in one place, asking teachers in advance when things are going to be due. If I need help on something, I reach out to people.”

  1. What’s your advice for freshman when it comes to social activities?

“Don’t be introverted. Don’t block yourself off, because there are tons of opportunities even when it seems like there wouldn’t be.”

  1. Biggest piece of advice for freshman?

“Get to class on time, get your homework finished on time and pay attention in class.”

English Teacher Ms. Dawn Fowerbaugh

  1. What’s your biggest piece of advice for freshman?

“Make sure you write everything down. Do your work, these classes count now where as they’ve never counted before against you if you didn’t pass a class. You have to pass your classes in order to graduate.”

  1. What are some clubs that you suggest freshman to involve themselves in?

“ I think everyone needs to involve themselves in something. We have a lot of different clubs like the Speech Team, theatre and music.”

  1. What’s your best advice for the social aspect?

“Try to meet new friends, the upperclassmen are good resources.”