Cross connectivity saves time and money


Chris Cox

Junior Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson, Sports Editor

Do we really need to keep the segregation of our gaming consoles? The games we buy are the same, yet our ability to play with friends depends on which console we prefer. Why can’t I play  with my friends who own an Xbox when I have the same games they do on my Playstation? If console’s could offer us cross connectivity, it would make life so much easier.

If consoles offered cross connectivity, it would solve many problems that console gamers experience. Mainly, we would be able to play with friends who own different consoles without having to spend double the money to buy both consoles and also two copies of the game. In addition, professional gamers would not have to switch consoles to play a game professionally. For example, the pro leagues for Rainbow 6 Siege exist only on Xbox. Gamers that typically play Playstation would be at a disadvantage due to lack of familiarity with the controller and the console in general. If cross connectivity existed, many of these problems would be resolved. But does it exist?

Yes, cross connectivity exists. On the hit game “Rocket League”, there is an option to turn on cross connectivity between PS4 to PC and PC to Xbox. This allows for people on playstation,  Xbox and PC to play together in the same game. Even though there is no support for queueing up with friends across platforms, it still demonstrates that it can be done. If it can be done, why hasn’t it been done yet?

For a game to be cross platform, all it needs are servers that are programmed to deal with data coming from Playstations and from Xboxes. Since “Rocket League” already offers connectivity from PC to each console, developers have figured out how to interpret data coming from multiple types of sources.  If that is the case, it is possible for both consoles to use the same servers?Tech giant, Microsoft, creator of Xbox, has even extended an invitation to Sony, creator of Playstation, to begin working out a deal to use cross connectivity. Sony released a statement that without directly addressing Microsoft or Valve, the owner of steam which is the largest game store for PC gamers, that they would “be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play.” Before you get your hopes up, these statements were released in March 2016, and no hints have been dropped since.

Should full cross connectivity come into reality, the possibilities would be endless.