August Students of the Month


Rachel Gray, News Writer

The SHS Students of the Month pose for a picture. Each student was later rewarded with a Student of the Month shirt. (From left to right) Austin Monroe, Taylor Beatty, Anna Gunderson, Kayte Helton, Far Men Tial, Grace Cross, Nickolas Cantrell, Chris Cox, Paulina Mares, Gabrielle Rickets, Elijahona Bouye,Abbey Chaney and Brooke Rigney.


The students of the month are the following:


(11)Alaina Spieser-Art Department

(11)Taylor Beatty-Buisness Department

(9)Austin Monroe-English Department

(9)Far Men Tial-Exceptional Needs Department

(12)Kayte Helton-FACS Department

(11)Brooke Rigney-Foreign Language Department

(10)Abbey Chaney-Guidance Department

(10)Chris Cox-Health & PE Department

(9)Paulina Mares-IMC

(10)Grace Cross-Main Office

(9)Elijahona Bouye-Math Department

(10)Gabrielle Rickets-Music Department

(12)Nickolas Cantrell-Science Department

(11)Anna Gunderson-Social Studies Department

(11)Emily Turner-Student Services Department