SSR gets mixed reactions from students


Rachel Gray, News Writer

SHS has recently began the new school year with a new policy in which students have to spend the first 35 minutes of their IPASS reading. Whether it be online articles, newspapers or their favorite book, all students now have the opportunity to quietly read during the school day.This idea was reintroduced from years past by English teacher Mr. Sam Hanley during an administrative council meeting. The concept was then discussed between the school, then was implemented into the average school day at SHS.

“Department chairs talked with their teachers, and they reported back to us, the administration. We talked with the PTA leadership, and they too felt that it was a very positive thing for students to have a part of IPASS,” principal Ms.Barbara Brouwer said.

According to, reading has been proven to build a stronger memory, show an improvement in concentration and an produce an increase in knowledge. Not only does the time increases students’ knowledge and attention, but it allows them to have silent time in which they may complete everyday tasks such as class homework. Students, such as junior Shyann Jackson, have found SSR to be a relaxing time in which they may read whatever they prefer most. In Jackson’s case, she prefers to take the allotted time to read for her classes.

“I like the SSR during IPASS, because it gives me a chance to do my Psychology reading,” Jackson said.

Other students, such as sophomore Nadine Fish, do not enjoy the new policy. According to Fish, the addition of SSR isn’t necessarily helpful to all students. She personally would enjoy spending her time working on other projects such as her art work.

“I read plenty on my own, so I’d rather spend my time in IPASS working on more important things,” Fish said.

Though the concept has been directed towards the students of SHS, the staff have also utilized the time to read as well. According to assistant principal Mrs. Elizabeth Walters, staff members such as herself as well as assistant principal Mrs. Amy Boone enjoy spending their time reading just as the students.

The implementation of SSR now allows students to spend their time reading during the school day. Over time, the increase in student reading will improve the work of the students at SHS both in and out of school, due to the heightened concentration, gained knowledge and an improved memory.