Bomb threat turns out to be false alarm

IMPD and SHS Administration determined the bomb threat on Thursday to be a fake


Andrew Tapp

IMPD cop cars outside SHS on Sep. 1. The cops were inside checking out a bomb threat made towards SHS.

Andrew Tapp, News Editor

Yesterday, Associate Superintendent of Operations Patrick Mapes went to SHS to alert principal Brian Knight that IMPD had received a bomb threat towards SHS, among other locations. Immediately, Knight and Mapes oversaw the evacuation of SHS and then rendezvoused to create a “gameplan,” Knight said.


The original notice of the threat was made to IMPD and they then alerted the locations that were named. The locations were: University of Indianapolis, SHS, St. Francis hospital and a retirement center.


The evacuation of SHS began when Vice-Principal Amy Boone came over the PA and asked all students and faculty to report to the main office. However, before everyone could get up there, they were instead asked to immediately head outside and get away from the building. Once everyone was outside, the administration got back together and created a plan to ensure the safety of the building.
The plan was that IMPD was going to come and, with the help of administration and janitors, check the entire building and see if anything looked odd. The threat indicated that the bomb would go off at 4:30 p.m. Once 4:30 rolled around and nothing happened, IMPD and Administration  took to sweeping the building. After the sweep, the all clear was given by IMPD, who was coordinating with Homeland Security, at 5:30 p.m. At that point, Mapes allowed everyone back into the building to, as Knight said, “to run as normal.”