Administrators participate in ALS challenge

Jaclyn Boyer, Anchor Writer

As frigid water pours over the heads of participants in the ALS ice bucket challenge, they get a temporary numbing sensation of what it’s like to live with ALS.

“Yeah, it kind of takes your breath away,” Principal Brouwer said when asked how it felt when the ice water hit her.

Over 88 million dollars, and countless buckets of ice water later, the ice bucket challenge has continued to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, across the nation. The challenge has gained participation from Southport High School through it’s sports teams, clubs and faculty members.

ALS awareness at Southport began with our girls varsity volleyball team who were nominated by junior Joey Brunk.

“We wanted to help raise awareness for ALS,” senior Brooke Jenkins said when asked why they did the challenge.

The volleyball team started by nominating SHS booster club members, seniors Sarah Fowerbaugh, Lily Freese, Nathan Cooper and Jake Rose. They then nominated several Southport High School administrators , including Ms. Brouwer and Mrs. Boone.

“I did it to pass the nomination along to the people at the football game so they could donate,” Principal Brouwer said.

“It was fun doing it with the administrative team,” Boone said when asked about her experience.