PMHS gets own stadium

Perry Township staff and students weigh in on new stadium


Mark Carlson

The Perry Falcons end zone at Perry Stadium. This will be removed once their stadium is completed.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

In a year, the SHS Cardinals and PMHS Falcons will no longer be sharing Perry Stadium after previously sharing the stadium for 40 years. A new stadium, just for PMHS, is being built and SHS will now have the township-shared stadium to itself.

PMHS principal Rolland Abraham thinks the new stadium will bring new feelings to school and township pride in the Perry district.

“For us to be competitive with other schools, this is something we both need,” Abraham said.

Perry Township superintendent Dr. Thomas Little encouraged the idea of a new stadium and worked to obtain what the stadium entails. This was done through private funding and partnering with Community Hospital to bring extra dollars for the stadium.

In about a month, phase 2 of building the stadium will begin. Currently, only the turf is finished. There are more add-ons that make up phase 2, like locker rooms, concession stands, restrooms and bleachers to seat 5000 people.

SHS senior football player Ethan Vanover does not think this will bring much change to the pride of SHS or PMHS students. As a senior, this is Vanover’s last year playing football.

“I won’t be here for it, but I think it’s a good addition,” Vanover said.

Similarly, junior Matthew Johnston thinks the rivalry will be mostly the same. Next year will be his last year playing on the SHS football team. The 2017 Southport vs. Perry game will be held at PMHS for the first time.

“I’m actually more excited that it’s over (at Perry) so the first game, my senior year I can play over there,” Johnston said.

However, there will be change for more than just football players. Marching band members from both schools use the stadium to practice, as well as the soccer and baseball teams, on occasion. Everyone who uses the Perry Stadium will have more time than ever before to use a field because the time is not shared between schools.  

“It’s always worked. It’s always promoted township pride to share fields. I look forward to the continued competition on the new field,” English teacher Samuel Hanley said.