Girl’s golf plays numbers game

Small team size presents challenges and benefits

Hannah Garrett, Reporter

At SHS there are teams of all sizes. Some are made up of 20 athletes, and some even up to 100, but according to the girls on the SHS golf team, bigger isn’t always better.

Junior Sophia Craig and sophomores Zoe Ozolins, Rachel Woodson and Elizabeth Lamkin make up the entirety of the SHS girls golf team. Being a team of only four, they have all become close friends and support each other on and off the course.

“We are around each other (a lot), whether it’s a small team or a big team, for a long period of time, so either way you get to know each other really well, ” Lamkin said.

Being a team of four has its ups and downs, but that doesn’t stand in their way of doing what they love. Lamkin says it is embarrassing to go to matches when other schools have more players than SHS does. They also get paired up unevenly sometimes during their matches. Since they only have four players, they get paired up with the top four best players from the opposing school.

Besides the few disadvantages, the girls always have a lot of fun with each other. They frequently enjoy going to the driving range to practice their swings and make the best out of each practice. The girls also love spending time with their coach whenever they can.

This is head coach Jeff Adamson’s first year coaching at SHS. It is also his first time coaching any golf team this small.

“It is harder coaching a big team because you can’t really help everybody, but with the smaller team I have, I can focus on each individual player, ” Adamson said.

Whether it is the sport itself or academics, the support is always there. The girls highly encourage each other when it comes to stress and studies, and they laugh at their own mistakes during practice at games.

“We like to make each other laugh to pass the time, and help relieve the thought of doing homework later,” Woodson said, “ When we walk out onto the golf course, our stress fades away, and we tell each other just to worry about golf.”

Not only do the girls have each others backs, they have endless support and help from their coach as well.  Adamson tries to help them at practice and with academics as much as he can. Adamson says he enjoys the team and they have a lot of laughs on and off the course. Not only is the fun there, but the hard work and improvement is as well.