Josh Gordon suspension too harsh

Nick Meacham, Photo Editor

The National Football League (NFL) has released some depressing news that every fantasy owner did not want to hear. The monster wide receiver Josh Gordon is going to be suspended for the next year. I know your heart is cringing if you just found out. My heart did the same thing.

Gordon was a killer receiver. He was suspended a couple of games last season, and still finished as one of the best in the league. He received over 1800 yards last season, and finished with an average of one hundred yards a game. He also had nine touchdowns and also rushed for about a hundred yards.

I understand that he tested positive for marijuana, but drug use is not as bad as what some NFL players did. In 1986, Green Bay Packers defensive end, Charles Martin bodyslammed Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, and was only suspended for two games. I know it was just a little argument, but if McMahon was thrown the wrong way, some serious, possibly career ending, things could have happened.

Another example is Donte Stallworth. He was driving under the influence and crashed and killed a person in 2009. He was only suspended the entire 2009 season. ONE SEASON. He killed a innocent person, and what did Gordon do? Smoked a little.

I just think it is ridiculous how the NFL determines how long a certain player should be suspended. They should go into further detail when they decide the sentence.