Boys tennis falls to rival Perry Meridian in sectional finals

Hannah Garrett, Reporter

It’s the battle against the Perry Township rivals as the SHS boys tennis team faced off against the Perry Meridian Falcons on Sept. 29 in the sectional finals.

This was the team’s second loss against Perry Meridian, this season. They weren’t as nervous this time since they already knew how the Falcons played.

“The first time we played them, we got smashed really hard. But this time we got less smashed.” Varsity Player Noah Hall said.

The final score was 1-4. The winners from the Cards was a doubles team of Juniors Tin Sang Ling and Thawng Uk Ceu.

Head Coach Jordan Cross thinks they played hard and gave it their all and he is very proud.

“Our goal at the beginning of the season was to play each match to be better than the next match, and we finished playing one of our best matches,” Cross said. “We just happened to play a very good opponent, so I’m very proud of the boys.”