Review: The Blair Witch Project


Madison Smith , Reporter

Having never been a fan of scary movies myself, I can honestly say that having to watch a scary movie was quite a daunting task. It’s a stereotype that characters in horror films make a lot of stupid moves, and after viewing the movie Blair Witch, I can say that stereotype is definitely relevant.

From going in search of firewood alone to going into the creepy, old house in the middle of a storm, so many scenes in this movie had me shaking my head in disappointment at the lack of common sense the characters show. But for you scary movie lovers out there, there are some parts you may like. Nothing brings the goosebumps like never-ending darkness (and I’m talking pitch-black at 7:00 in the morning) and the legend of a creature that will kill you if you look at it in the eye.

The movie begins with footage that we later learn is believed to be shot by main character James’ sister, who was thought to be on the trail of the infamous Blair Witch. For those who don’t know what the Blair Witch is, allow me to explain. The Blair Witch is a fictional legend that the movie states comes from the town of Blair, Maryland (what in the movie is the modern-day town of Burkittsville, where the story takes place.) According to the legend, there was a woman named Elly Kedward who was accused and sentenced to death for witchcraft in Blair in the year 1785.

As the movie progresses, we see James, his three friends, and the couple who discovered the footage of James’ sister go in search of her in the ominous Black Hills Forest. After certain events occur, some members of the group get skittish and want to return to their vehicles. The requests of these skeptical characters are denied, as they never return to their vehicles. After suffering from a cut during the journey into the forest, things turn south for one of the characters as her wound becomes infected and something is seen moving within the gash when James examines it (insert creepy, dramatic music here).

The entirety of the movie is filmed in the style of a documentary, so there are a few parts that get shaky and disoriented. But the fact that the movie appears as if it is all the work of the main characters gives it a more relatable feel. Complete with eerie sounds, strange stick figures hanging above tents, unexplained trees falling and the fact that after a certain part in the movie the sun never returns, this movie has it all. I will admit to jumping on more than one occasion, but never did I ever really experience the emotion of fear. It seemed as if many of the scenes were somewhat predictable and almost every scene transition started with some sudden, loud noise intended to frighten the viewer.

As much as the producers try to impress the viewers with a direct sequel to the The Blair Witch Project, I can honestly say that nothing in the movie left much of an impression. At least for me, a group of people that willingly goes to an area that is rumored to be the home of something as sinister as the Blair Witch and then are utterly surprised when terrible events befall them isn’t top-notch entertainment. Call me crazy if the thought of someone willingly going into the creepy house that no one has ever come out of doesn’t thrill me. All in all, the movie wasn’t completely terrible for my third movie ever in the horror genre, but it certainly isn’t on my list of “Top 10 Movies.” Overall, I would say that Blair Witch is a three out of five stars.