Love shouldn’t be a stress in high school


Chris Cox

Junior, Andrea Vidaurre

Andrea Vidaurre, Foreign Language Editor

Towards the end of my freshmen year, I had my so called “first heartbreak,” or at least I thought that I did. The experience made me realize that for me, no guy is worth losing sleep over or worrying about at a young age. Toxic relationships can be very draining, mentally and emotionally.

Over the years, my advice to many friends that have had to cope with heartbreaks and relationship drama has been to not stress so much over a girl or guy when we’re so young. They have their whole lives to be with someone and stress about them then.

I’m not advising any of you to go break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or trying to downplay those who are in relationships, but I do believe that more teens need to realize when they are in a non beneficiary relationship. Nobody, especially not anyone in high school, should go through that type of stress or those kind of problems. According to, people stay in toxic relationships because of fear of being outed, low self esteem and thinking they will never find another relationship.

One  outcome that could come from a toxic relationship is suicide. According to Centers for Disease Control, suicide is the third top cause of death for ages 15-24.This can be from stress, anxiety, hard break ups and depression. Juggling school, possibly sports, work and friends, how is a student or teen expected to live up  to their fullest potential while also dealing with an unhealthy relationship as well?

“I think that if someone is in a toxic relationships in high school, they should get out of it because that adds onto the stress that’s already provided with school, work and athletics and what not,” junior Gabe Collins-Green said. Due to his past experiences, his advice to others is if it’s been toxic for a long period of time, things probably will not change, and at that point, those in the relationship should start thinking of themselves and their own happiness.

I agree with Collins-Green’s advice. Sometimes, it is okay to be a little selfish.

Teenagers are going through hormonal changes and learning to cope with different types of emotions while growing. Relationships in high school can be very scary because you never know what the turnout could be. It could end badly and lead to depression and resentment towards others, or it could end good and you live happily ever after, you just never know.