Does this election impact you?

“Youth generally have a lower turnout rate than other age brackets,” Dr. Joseph Losco of Ball State University said. “Your future depends on it. There are many issues your generation will face from global warming to income inequality to the future of social security to college affordability. If you care about any of these issues, vote!” Youth influence the election and even pick the next President. Below are three SHS students who will be directly affected by the results of the coming election on Nov. 8.

Madison Gomez, Reporter

Gun Rights

Since guns would be restricted by Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and allowed by Republican Nominee Donald Trump, SHS junior Jeremiah Gadient knows if Clinton wins the upcoming election, his life would have to change. If no guns are allowed, Gadient will not be able to hunt like he has with his family in the past.
“(My life) would change a little bit (because) we hunt for our food (using guns) so it saves us a lot of money in the long run,” Gadient said.
A CNN article talked about how Trump has been constantly changing his stance on guns. He believed that there should be some form of control on “assault weapons” in the early 2000s even reiterating it in his book “The America We Deserve.” Trump now claims that all bans have failed. As of right now, Trump is planning to have no bans, except for those on the terrorist watch list.
Typically, Gadient goes hunting in November for deer with the guns he owns. This has happened annually since he was 8-years-old. His father taught him how to shoot and had him take hunter’s education, where he learned safety about the type of weapons he enjoys using.
The fate of this family’s past time rests in the hands of the American public and who they vote for. Gadient isn’t able vote but has no preference on who wins the election because he states that there’s always bow season where he can hunt for deer.


Sophomore Carlos Rodriguez is worried about Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s wall proposal that could shut off all U.S. and Mexican border crossings, except those that are legal. Rodriguez sees this as a problem because of Trump’s reasonings behind the construction of the border.
“We are normal people,” Rodriguez said. “(Trump) believes all of us (Mexicans) are bad people.”
Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton wants to helps create a clearer path to citizenship for Hispanics.
“We need comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship,” Clinton said on her website.
Rodriguez legally immigrated with his father when he was 14-years-old, becoming one of the 130 thousand Mexicans to immigrate from the southern border of the United States in 2015. Now 15-years-old, he is paying attention to this election because it could have an impact on his friends and some of his family because they have a chance of being deported.
Building a wall on the Mexican border would be costly, estimated to be anywhere from $10 billion to $12 billion dollars. Rodriguez does not agree with Trump’s reasoning to build the structure because he thinks Trump has the wrong idea about Mexicans. If he was able to vote this November, Rodriguez says that he would vote for Clinton and her looser immigration policies.


Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s proposal of debt-free college has grabbed sophomore Angelo Meador’s attention, and is giving him hope about going to college. Prior to Clinton’s proposal, he wasn’t paying too much attention to college but now, he plans on getting ready and searching for a major his junior year.
“Free college would be really good but, the cost for teachers… how would (the school) pay them?” Meadors asked.
Meadors did not know Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s plan of putting money in private banks, replacing student loans completely.
In the primaries, Bernie Sanders started the idea of free college, but Clinton took the plan and it made it a bit more realistic with today’s economy. She wants to get as many students educated as possible saying that costs should not be a barrier and debt will be able to be repaid quicker than what it is now.
Meadors admits that he has not been keeping tabs on who is likely to win this election, but says that the candidate who gets chosen might not be able to fulfill what they have promised America. He also does not understand how college will be debt free and how teachers will still be paid a decent wage with Clinton. Meadors is somewhat concerned for the result in this election, claiming neither of the candidates are educated enough to be president. Despite that, Meadors knows that there has to be a new president and prefers Clinton to win if he had to choose.