Mapes takes over for Little

Administrator says he hopes to keep district moving forward


Madeline Steward

Associate Superintendent Patrick Mapes talks with Barb Whitlock on Thursday Nov. 10. Mapes is now the Acting Superintendent of Perry Township.

Andrew Tapp, News Editor

As bomb threats were called into SHS on Sept. 2 and staff and students still in the building began to panic and wonder what was going on, associate superintendent Patrick Mapes arrived onto the scene to get things under control.

Mapes has experienced these situations before and is ready to face the challenges  that come with them yet again. Now, he is pulling on job experience in his new role as acting superintendent, according to assistant principal Amy Boone.

On Oct. 4, Mapes became acting superintendent of Perry Township as Dr. Thomas Little went on medical leave. Mapes was brought into Perry Township to oversee operations, which included the construction of four new kindergarten academies and various other room additions across the township. Mapes brings with him experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent and even work in education at the State level.

“I knew I was going to be busy, and I’m happy to help,” Mapes said. “Then Dr. Little had to take a medical leave. Fortunately for him, he’s got me here and a lot of other good administrators here who can pick up that slack and make certain that our district keeps moving forward while he’s out for awhile.”

Mapes came into Perry Township over the summer, and says that he’s very appreciative of the warm welcome he has received by everyone in Perry Township, especially at PTEC.  He said that he loves getting out into the schools and being with students and staff. He makes it an effort to get to all eighteen schools in the district.

Principal Brian Knight says that he has enjoyed working with Mapes thus far and is looking forward to continuing to work with Mapes in his new role.

“I have very much enjoyed my interaction with Mr. Mapes since the start of the school year,” Knight wrote in an e-mail to The Journal. “He is very easy to talk to, down to earth, and says what he means. Throughout my conversations, Mr. Mapes always seems to keep the students, teachers and schools best interest in mind.”

As far as when Little will be returning, Mapes says there haven’t been any new developments, and also says it’s not worth it to try to predict how long he’ll be gone.

“We haven’t discussed (Little not coming back) at this time,” Mapes said. “It’s too much of a guessing game. I would say that probably in April the school board will have a conversation with Dr. Little at that time to determine how he’s progressing, and they would make a plan after that.”