Chris Cox

Senior, Caitlyn Kriner

Caitlyn Kriner, Social Media Manager

Senior year is getting harder and harder even with the simplest classes. Getting up in the morning and actually going to school has become more and more difficult as the year has progressed. My parents think I’m “sick” but what I’m actually suffering from is a terrible case of senioritis.

In my previous years of high school, I have always joked about having early onset senioritis and being ready to graduate, never realizing how surreal senioritis really is. Coming closer and closer to graduation, I find myself striving to find the  underclassman-like motivation I used to have. According to an online article, senioritis is said to be a mixture of boredom, the fear of changing, excitement to graduate and parental apathy, a combination of everything I am feeling as the first semester is coming to an end.

What all seniors may not know or understand is that senioritis is more than not trying as hard in class, but there is more of a psychological reason behind it. According to, senioritis is to be considered as more of a social issue. High Schoolers tend to slack so much their last year of school and  get so used to their new habits that they typically carry them over to their first year of college. This is what makes it so difficult for freshmen in college to adjust.

Being a senior in high school, I do personally understand the feeling of being “burned out” as I approach my second semester. As seniors, we are reaching the end of our high school careers and school from here on out is optional, but some seniors do not even make it that far. Sadly, a lot of seniors drop out early on before they even get a chance to complete their last year. According to, every year over 1.2 million kids drop out of highschool, which equates to 7,000 kids a day.

Guidance counselor Tricia Bender says she definitely sees a change with students in their senior year, but it may not always be a bad change.

“Senior year is unique because a lot of students sometimes they are excited to go onto the next level, but at the same time it can be very scary,” Bender said. “You have been here at Southport High School for four years, this is your home, this is where you are comfortable. To think about going outside of that is exciting, but scary at the same time and turning that page, that chapter in your life can be a little intimidating.”

Bender says that one thing students going through senioritis should remember is how important senior year actually is and it is important that students don’t backpedal, but that they maintain the same work ethic. In one word, Bender would choose to describe Senioritis as “uncertainty”.

Uncertainty is definitely a good word to describe what most of us seniors are feeling. Senior year is one big mixture of emotions. It can be sad and thrilling all at once. There is a lot to look forward to like prom, football games and the last year with your friends, but the same time it is a lot to take in. My advice to students is to make the most of their senior year and enjoy every second before starting the next chapter of our lives.