Girls soccer recap


Justin Chambers, Reporter

The girls soccer team continues their upward trend by improving on their record from last season.  The girls also tied the school record for most wins in a season. The girls ended the season with a record of 5-8-2. Freshman Kendall Henderson helped contribute to their success by being the second leading goal scorer on the team.

“It was a lot of fun considering my first year we almost beat the school record(for most wins in a season),” Henderson said.

Coach Dan Mclaughlin also said to the girls on the team that they were one of the best teams he has coached here at SHS. Not only did they tie the record for wins in a season but both captains, senior Erin Sullivan and junior Emily Chambers were chosen to play for the district games this year. This is the first time in team history that two players have been chosen for the district games in the same season.