News Brief: New school board elected


Andrew Tapp

The school board and Acting Superintendent Patrick Mapes work and meet in PTEC.

Madison Gomez, Reporter

The MSDPT School Board election was held on Nov. 8 for the candidates whose term of eight years had come to a close.

The candidates that were up for reelection were: Charles R. Mercer Jr., Gwen Freeman and Ken Mertz. They ran against three new non-board members Emily Hartman, Carl Brehob Jr. and Steve Johnson.

Mertz, Mercer Jr., Hartman and Johnson have secured their place in the school board to serve for the next eight years. Freeman and Brehob Jr. did not win a spot on the board for the 2016 to 2024 school years, and therefore will not  be serving. The new board members will gavel in on Jan. 9, 2017.