Cubs win World Series

Baseball team wins championship for the first time in 108 years


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The Cubs celebrate after winning the World Series.

David Worland, Reporter

Eagerness. Anticipation. The scary thought of the slightest thing going wrong. All of these thoughts raced through SHS sophomore Aubrey Popovic’s mind as she sat on her couch at home watching with her family. The eagerness grew as Aubrey began to wonder if the Chicago Cubs were going to break their curse and beat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.

Cubs pitcher Michael Montgomery pitched to  Indians hitter Michael Martinez who hit a groundball to third baseman Kris Bryant. Bryant fielded the ball and threw it to first baseman Anthony Rizzo to win the world series. With a final score of eight to seven, the Cubs beat the Indians. For the first time in 108 years, they won the world series. The curse has been lifted.

The curse of the billy goat, as it is referred to, originated back in 1945 when William “Billy Goat” Sianis wanted to bring his goat, Murphy, into game four of the World Series. The Cubs were playing the Detroit Tigers and the staff at Wrigley Field would not let Sianis’ goat into the game. Upset at this, Sianis uttered the famous words, “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more.” and for the next 108 years, the Cubs did not win a World Series game.

“I jumped up off the couch,” Popovic said. “We were all really happy, because my mom grew up in Chicago so it was a big family thing.”

SHS teacher Jack Williams and fellow Cubs fan shared the excitement. Williams has been a Cubs fan since he was young. According to Williams, witnessing the Cubs win was something he’d been looking forward to. However, his reaction was more of a shock reaction than Popovic’s.

“It didn’t really sink in right then and there,” Williams said. “I was happy don’t get me wrong.”

Dallas Matlock, a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, is not too happy about the Cubs and their victory. The Cardinals happen to be a long time rival of the Cubs. Matlock, like Williams, had a shock-fueled reaction to the victory and while happiness did not follow, Matlock has accepted the situation.

“It’s fine. They won,” Matlock said. “They haven’t won for at least 100 years. They deserve it.”

 Matlock says that with the last time the Cubs winning a World Series being 108 years ago, and that the last time the Cardinals won a World Series was only five years ago, he is staying true to his belief that the Cardinals are the superior team.

Whether or not the curse is lifted for good is another question entirely and will only be answered when the next MLB season officially starts up in the beginning of April.