Administration creates new social media

SHS guidance and student services offices create twitter and snapchat to interact with students


Lyndsay Valadez

The twitter feed of student services. Administration has created social media accounts to interact with students.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

The SHS guidance office and student services have started using social media to reach students. The end goal of the accounts is to encourage and inform students about the opportunities, achievements and activities available at SHS.

Guidance, run by guidance counselor Brianna Underwood, posts different college and career highlights. And, dean Eric Woodke says student services covers clubs, school-affiliated activities and anything else they think needs recognition.

“(We are) trying to do things that are positive and rewardful to our students,” Woodke said.

Like student services, guidance wants students to have positive experiences. Even though Underwood is the one keeping the social media up to date, she really looks at it as a collaboration of everyone’s thoughts. She takes in suggestions through emails and short talks at meetings about what she should post from all of the guidance workers.

Woodke says that the student services post more about clubs and other positive things that students are doing. For example, they have shared activities like student volunteering, NHS members working and they even cover lacrosse, since it is a club sport. They will also cover the student of the month. Woodke feels that these students don’t always get the recognition they need, so this is a way they can.

“We wanted to get the word out about all of the great things that happen here,” Woodke said.

Underwood, on the other hand, in hopes of not offending anyone by posting sports unequally, does not post about sports or too many other activities. She does, however, post about the opportunities students have by posting career options and ideas for colleges. She not only wants every student to get these chances, but to also understand that all of the guidance office workers are there for more than just scheduling.

She has not yet posted anything on the Guidance snapchat because she’s not entirely sure how to use it, but she thinks students feel facebook is becoming outdated and more are now on snapchat. However she wants to inform students and parents of everything she can.

“We feel like there is so much really important information that comes into our office,” Underwood said.

The guidance snapchat and twitter is Cardsguidancesh. They also have a facebook named Southport High School Counseling Department. The student services twitter account is SHS_Studentserv.