Senior works to keep herself busy

Madeline Hittel, Social Media Manager

Senior Kayla Castro has been working at McAlister’s Deli since May of this year. Due to the school to career program offered at SHS, Castro works up to 35 hours per week. This helps Castro keep up with her multiple schedules including Cross Country, track, work and school.

“Having half days really help with being able to fit in homework,” Castro said . “Then for practice, I’d drive back to the school and then straight to work from practice.”

For Castro, it’s more than the paycheck received every two weeks, but to keep herself busy, helping her break out of her shell, and the responsibility that goes along with having a job.

“I work often to keep myself busy, to feel I worked for my own belongings,” Castro said.

Because Castro works, she’s able to pay for her car insurance which has made her become more appreciative for her privileges, including her car.

“Helping with payments and insurance definitely made a huge difference, rather than it just being handed to me,” Castro said.

Castro believes that since she’s starting working, she has become more social. She is able to train new employees along with conversing with her co workers.

“I enjoy helping train new employees and making it easier on the managers above me,” Castro said.

Being a shift manager, Castro has a lot of responsibility in her work place. Having such a high position, this might cause stress and difficulty juggling all of her activities including work, school and sports.

“I had to make sure they were able to accommodate my schedule,” Castro says. “It’s stressful, but it also keeps me busy.”