News Brief: Brickyard lights up season


Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) is helping to celebrate the holiday season this year by providing an experience in motion for families from Dec 1-31. Those driving 1.7 miles on the IMS track and crossing the yard of bricks can see a display of over 2 million lights strung to make 40 scenes. The “yard of bricks” is the only section of the track not covered in asphalt, which also marks the start and finish line.
For a regular pass of a vehicle containing 14 people and under, cost is $30. As for cars with 15 or more people, the cost is raised to $50. The speedway speedy passes are available for 14 people and under, at the price of $50 on the IMS website, These same tickets are $60 at the gate. For 15 or more people wanting a speedy pass, it is $100 for both, online and at the gate. The regular pass has drivers entering at gate two while with the speedy speedway pass drivers would enter through gate 12.