People need to be more grateful


Sung Zathang

Sung Zathang, Student Life Editor

“We’re so happy with the new year and everything, but as the years go on, we’re also getting closer to our deaths,” Lian Mang, a pastor from Burma, said. What he said is true. People around the world are always so joyful with the new year, saying that it will be a better year, but what they don’t think about is how we are getting further on our paths to death as the new days, weeks, months and years come.

For this reason, we should appreciate the lives that we have and make the best out of everyday.

Instead of staying inside and being all depressed, we should go out into the world and have fun. Time won’t wait for us. It will just keep on going without stopping.

It’s not just that our time is ticking, but there are also many obstacles outside that are getting in our ways and that are stopping us from making the best out of every day. For example, in Syria, many people’s’ lives are in danger as there is a civil war in their home. For those people, it will be difficult to live without fear of dying and losing the people that they love.

Almost every day, we hear news of people dying from an accident, from a shooting or people who commit suicide. Today, it is getting worse because stories like those listed pop up whenever the news channel is turned on or when we are on social media.

The world is just getting more and more dangerous every day, and it’s also changing every day and not for the better. Just like the world changing every minute and every second of the day, people are also changing. Today, we hear reports of people killing their own spouses, children, friends and even siblings. There’s no more love or understanding between each other. When one person gets angry, they just do whatever comes to mind.

Because of all these dangers, it is getting hard for us to live peacefully since we don’t know what’s going to happen to us. This is the reason why we should make the best out of the times we have. We don’t know how long we will live. We don’t even know if we will make it to the next day, so we should enjoy it while we can. We should do things that we’ve always wanted to do, and enjoy it with our loved ones since we don’t know if we will have another time again to do so.

In an article I read, titled, “Why this mom quit her job to travel the world with her 6-year-old daughter,” there is a woman whose friend died at the age of just 42 due to cancer, and from that, she learned that life is too short. After realizing that, she took all the money she saved for a new kitchen, and she decided to take her 5-year-old daughter travelling around the world instead.

More people should be like that since we know that life is too short, and we don’t have much time anymore. We should make the best out of the remaining of our lifetime.