Junior finds escape in art

Student expresses passion in making artwork in free time


Photo by Melissa Bushong

Junior Kristina Green draws in her art class during third period on Feb. 2. As of right now, Green doesn’t have any specific ideas or plans for what she wants to do in the future, but she hopes it includes supporting her passion.

Madison Smith, Reporter

When junior Kristina Green was first enrolled in an art class at her elementary school, she immediately realized she had found her passion.

“I’ve always enjoyed art class,” Green said. “It was always my favorite class in elementary school.”

Since then, Green has taken just about every art course available at SHS.

In one of those courses, she met one of her closest friends, junior Yuke Yu. Green says she admires Yu’s work to this day and it even serves as an inspiration for her.

“I have a friend, (Yuke Yu), and her artwork is amazing,” Green said. “She inspires me because she is so good at it and I aspire to be as good as she is.”

Since becoming friends based on the common love of art, Yu and Green have had the ability to gain insights from one another about their pieces of artwork. Yu says Green has an influence on her pieces as well.

“I ask her for feedback on art,” Yu said. “If we have an art project coming up, we give each other ideas on what to draw.

For Green, art is so much more than just a personal hobby. She says she believes passions, such as art, can help to form bonds and be a calming, therapeutic process. For her, art does just that.

“To me it’s relaxing. I like doing it because it soothes me,” Green said.

Ever since she was first introduced to the hobby in grade school, Green stays involved with her art classes and uses different forms of art as a stress reliever and a foundation to her happiness.

Art has always been one of her favorite classes in school. As a student who never participated in many activities outside of school, this newfound hobby soon became a major part of her life and had a powerful impact as well.

“It was mainly art class and my friends that I had surrounding me that got me into it.” Green said.

For some students, sports and other afterschool activities can fill their free time.

But when a student finds the activity in which they are most passionate about, that soon takes up most of their time. Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” The same can be said for finding your passions early in life.

While some people make time for their talents outside of the learning environment, Green says she mainly practices her skills during her art classes. However, when she does take time draw art outside of school, it’s more personal.

“When I do (art) outside of school, it’s mainly just for myself,” Green said. “It’s just little doodles to amuse me, or something that my friends as me to make.”

As for in-school art, Green says she prefers creating two types of art over all of the others.

“I like to draw, mainly,” Green says. “But I’m big on painting too.”

Green also says that while she does paint for art class, she enjoys painting sets and other theatrical things for Tech Theater because it is calming.

As of right now, Green doesn’t have any specific ideas or plans for what she wants to do in the future, but she hopes it includes supporting her passion.