News Brief: Vending machines on lock down

Madison Gomez, Reporter

According to assistant principal A.J. Martzall, in years past, students would skip or disrupt class to go and get snacks from the fieldhouse vending machines and proceed to not go back to class. Administration put a stop to the snack and drink runs by setting timed locks only allowing access after school on the fieldhouse machines. This decision left the ones in the study hall room and the machines near the cafeteria open to students during school hours. Martzall says the vending machines are there to let students and teachers have access to snacks.

“Studies have shown a little snacking here and there can be good for your brain when you’re trying to learn,” Martzall said.

Trying to benefit the students and staff, the vending machines become “pick-me ups,” according to Martzall, to help each person who uses the machines get through their day and help their brain focus on the tasks at hand. However, Martzall says if excessive amount of vending machine trash is found around the school, administration will turn off the machines in the school area.