Coffee spills and blood stains


David Worland

Math teacher Jack Williams’ classroom is in the main hallway. He has seen his fair share of interesting occurrences.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

Walking in the main hallway before his first period prep, English teacher Sam Hanley was in for more than he expected. While strolling along, an elbow was cocked back to deliver a punch, but instead it ended up knocking what Hanley considered a “really good” cup of coffee out of his hand, causing it to spill all over his shirt.

“I was really angry,” Hanley said, “because, it was a really good cup of coffee.”

Math teacher Jack Williams saw Hanley during the accident, and looking back on the event, pictures Hanley thinking, “You just spilled my coffee,” meanwhile, a fight was breaking out directly in front of him.

From getting coffee spills and blood stains on shirts, the main hallway is more than just a hang-out spot. It’s a place of occasional mischief that can lead to unexpected happenings.

Williams, instead of watching one, was a part of another incident with a shirt in the same hallway. For him, the unexpected was getting a free t-shirt from the bookstore.

Williams tried breaking up a fight of two students, but in the process of, he got blood on his shirt, from a girl within the fight who also had blood on herself.

He walked over to the bookstore to receive a free t-shirt to change into. After washing himself thoroughly, he threw away his old shirt and stayed at the school to teach for the remainder of the day. Williams says he really does feel bad for the students and regrets getting the new attire for free.

“I got a free t-shirt,” Williams said. “If I had my way, I wouldn’t have gotten the shirt that day.”

Freshman Max Richey had a less detrimental experience than Hanley and Williams had. She says there are a lot of things that happen in the hallway, but she remembers one in particular about Spiderman.

Although the Marvel superhero was not actually there, a girl attempting to be was. Richey said the girl endeavored to do the Spiderman challenge and tried to climb one of the walls.