International club

Sakuya Uehera, Reporter


The International Club helps students to meet new people, makes their lives in school more interesting and exciting and teaches them the different ways of life in other cultures, according to SHS German teacher Christopher Sponsler, who is in charge of the International Club

“The purpose of the club is to know the customs practiced throughout the world,” Sponsler said. “(This is also) an opportunity for students to make friends.”

According to Sponsler, there are two main purposes of the International Club. One is to encourage students to take more active roles in the club activities and to be more satisfied with what involvement they do have For example most of the topics and information they are going to learn is from the students in the club, according to Sponsler. Students share what they want to do with the other members.

The other purpose of the club is to make students realize that they are “sheltered in Indiana,” because people think their own culture is dominant,Sponslerr says. He wants students to learn outside of the wider world.“People are sheltered in Indiana and think we have a dominant culture,” Sponsler said. “But the ‘dominant’ culture does not really hold diversity… A lot of students haven’t experienced anything outside of the country.”

One example of the International Club’s activities is a Spanish Christmas celebration called, “Fiesta De Los Reyes.” This is a celebration for the three kings, Gaspar, Melchio and Balthasar, who went and gave gifts to Jesus when he was born. People paraded the streets and a huge parade and wrote letters to those kings. Children got presents the three kings, not from Santa Claus. This takes place on Jan. 6 in Spain and Latin America. In the International Club, students celebrate that day by writing letters to the three kings.

Junior Nu San Zan Hkung and Freshman Amanda Husselmann, who are both in theclub, agree with Sponsler’s opinion about the purpose of the club. Zan Hkung says being in the International Club helps her to make friends.

“I learn a lot about other cultures (in the club),” Zan Hkung said. “If you learn about other countries, you could talk to friends about cultures and we could be more closer (to) each other.”

Husselman also says that the club is a good opportunity to meet new  friends. She believes that the club helps change the mindset of students about the different countries by learning their cultures. Also the club helps her make  new friends, Husselman says.

The International Club helps students to be more active, make their lives more exciting and  make  more friends through the study of other cultures. Their next meeting will be on Feb. 14.