Wrestling Their Way to State


Madeline Steward

Senior Brett Wright takes on Perry Meridian High School’s Christian Warren. Warren is fourth in State, and was Wright’s only loss during Sectionals.


After regular season, the goal of the wrestlers is to focus on making it to state, says head coach Albert Skinner. Once sectional time begins, training becomes more focused on individual strengths, and how to move on to the next round.
“Your attitude is a little bit different going into your state tournament because if you don’t make it out, your season is over,” Skinner said. “So it has to be more of a life or death mentality as opposed to a learning experience.”
Nine of the SHS wrestlers moved onto regionals, placing the team third during sectionals on Jan. 28. Regionals took place on Feb. 4, where senior Brett Wright and sophomore Chad Rothwell were the only two to advance on to Semi-State. Both Rothwell and Wright were also the only two at Semi-State last season.
Leading up to competitions such as sectionals and regionals, the team’s practices went through some changes. As training becomes more intense, the team’s mentality changes too.
The wrestling team has also taken on new forms of training, such as yoga with biology teacher Rachel Pearce. Skinner believes different forms of training, specifically yoga, is good for the team because it provides a difficult work out in a unique manner compared to what the team is used to, along with helping them relax.
“It’s just something different,” Skinner said. “It’s not easy, it’s difficult in a different way. It’s something to break up the training for them.”
Another important aspect that goes into effect during this time of the season is a weight allowance. This is a limit of two to three pounds that allows natural growth throughout the season. Wright believes that this is important, but it also isn’t a huge deal at the end of the day.
“It’s still going up there and wrestling guys your size,” Wright said.
Semi-State is tomorrow at New Castle High School. Skinner and Wright encourage students to come support the team and cheer  for  Rothwell and Wright while they continue their road to state.
“Wrestling for me is something I’ve always been good at,” Wright said. “It’s hard, and winning is always satisfying.”