Changing lives one event at a time


Caleb Carrasquillo

Durante Maratón de Danza de Riley, el evento en que no puedes sentarse, recaudaron más de $40 mil en 2015.

Once a year, over two hundred students go to the fieldhouse at Southport High School for a unique event not quite like any other. Students of SHS will gather in the Southport Fieldhouse for up to six hours; they will dance to countless songs and play a variety of games. This event, is Riley Dance Marathon and is a fundraiser for Riley Children’s Hospital. It is an annual event organized by Jorie Depalma, the resident social worker at SHS, along with 12 student directors. Without a doubt, it has changed lives over the years. Here is a special look into some of the participants of RDM and their favorite parts of it or how they feel about it.

Regina Castellanos, a sophomore who is a committee member for RDM, says, “my goal is to impact someone’s life or to just make a change in the world.” Even though it is Castellanos’ first year in RDM, she is ecstatic with anticipation for the event that she has heard so much about and been involved with this year. When Castellanos was asked what she was most excited for, she responded saying, “I’m mostly excited for the mini marathon because the kids have more energy which make its more exciting!” The mini marathon is much like the one here at SHS, except it takes place at the middle school and is on a smaller scale.

Jadin Benge, a Junior at SHS and Vice president for RDM, says that her goal for this year’s marathon is to raise more money than last year and to help the lives of children. Benge has been very involved in RDM and has done numerous events in RDM.

“We have done many fundraisers throughout the year like the boutique we just had as well as cannings and many more things,” Benge said. Benge’s favorite moment from last year’s RDM was when they had a moment of silence, and everyone held hands in commemoration of the Riley kids. This year’s theme, according to Benge, will be “Riley to the Rescue,” which is represented by superheroes.

Sophomore Alyssa Nelson says there are several events that the RDM committee does throughout the entire year to fundraise money.

“Many of the events include car washes, bake sales, boutiques, percentage nights and even canning,” Nelson said.

Those are just some of the events that RDM does throughout the year to help raise money. Nelson hopes that many of her fellow classmates will attend Riley Dance Marathon this year and help make a difference in someone else’s life.

Riley Dance Marathon is to take place in the SHS Fieldhouse on Friday, April 14. Students will be released early during fifth period and will be told to go to the fieldhouse to participate in the Riley Dance Marathon. If students donate 30 dollars, they will be provided with a t-shirt, food, and a fun-filled time. More participation from the students will translate into a more fun and energetic atmosphere for the whole event. The hope is that more students will be involved this year than ever before. As the RDM committee members would say, “FTK” (For the Kids).