From Cards to Rockstars

Sakuya Uehera , Reporter

Junior Sam Batchelor plays guitar and sings in a band with juniors Joey Fox, Ignacio Rodriguez and Nathan Dick. Batchelor is lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, while Fox plays rhythm guitar, Rodriguez plays bass guitar and Dick plays drums. They are hoping to sell their songs eventually, however, they currently have no original songs. Now, they are working on their new songs. They are trying to make a new kind of music, according to Batchelor.

“We’re not really going on a certain genre,” Batchelor said. “We’re just kind of creating original stuff.”

Dick explained that the members have different backgrounds of music, and they have got a lot of different influences. However, the songs they are working on right now have influenced more by hard rock and metal.

They are aiming to make a few songs by the end of this school year. Also, they are planning to release their songs by the time  they graduate.

The first performance of the band was the Spring Coffee House on last year, according to Dick. The band started last March to perform at the Coffee House.

“It kind of evolved from another band I had,” Dick said. “I met Sam, and we just started playing together, and became the band. We (the members) have all pretty much known each other before we started the band.”

Both Batchelor and Dick say their goal is to release their songs and become known well. Also, Dick says getting things going, and keep working with the members is important as well.

“Our goal is to really get things going, and get our original music out there and get our name out there,” Dick said. “Just get the band going.”

The band is planning to perform in the next Coffee House.