Softball builds on previous season

New facility allows team to improve during offseason

Hannah Garrett, Reporter

Now that the pre-season workouts are over and the girls have all tried out, the new 2017 SHS softball season has officially started.

Although they had a losing record of 7-17 last season, Coach Scott Montgomery will be combining the returning players, and the new talent, in hopes of improving their record.

“I know our record wasn’t great last year, but I think we’ve got more talent, so I hope to see us have a better record than last year,” Montgomery said. “I really think we are capable of having a (winning) season.”

Improving is a major key for the girls team this season. Montgomery’s goals for the team are to hopefully win more games than they lose, and to be in the top half of their conference and county. He really just wants to see them improve everyday, and be the team that no one wants to play, which takes practice and dedication.

He thinks the girls really need to improve on hitting for power and trying to hit gaps. His plan is to put up crooked numbers (any number higher than one) instead of just ones in innings. According to Montgomery, they didn’t seem to create the multiple run innings that he wanted to see last year.
Power hitting is one of the skills they have been working on during the winter pre-season, and will continue to work on this season. He thinks that the new addition of the Ruben (the indoor hitting facility) is very convenient in this situation.

“It (the Ruben) has been a tremendous help,” Montgomery said. “I’ve seen improvement in so many kids already. Being able to get in there two months before season started, and any other time we get to spend in there, it’s really
a godsend.”

According to Montgomery, any seniors that graduate and move on from playing at SHS are missed, but he thinks the other players are capable of coming in and replacing them. Not only does he see many skilled players on the team this year, but he is confident that some of the kids will pick up the leadership aspects that the seniors from last year left behind.

Senior Allie Hicks is also confident in having a successful season.

“I think the people that we have that are coming back this year will be just as effective as the people we had last year,” Hicks said. “I feel like we have a lot of talent, especially young talent.”
There are nine spots on the field, and Montgomery feels that there are definitely more than nine players that contribute. He has confidence in anyone he will put out there, and he is excited to see what the girls will bring.

“They are a fun group to be around, and they are really talented,” Montgomery said. “I’ve got a lot of experience coming back, which have been really young the last couple years. We have had kids who have been around the block a couple times, so I’m expecting a lot of success this year.”

The girls first home game this season is against Cathedral at Holder Field on March 28 at 6 p.m.